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Qprotyn achieves viscosity of 14 cP for 250mg/mL of Bevacizumab using its HILOPRO® technology.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Upgrading Bevacizumab from IV to subcutaneous (SubQ) administration may now be possible with Qprotyn's HILOPRO technology

Innovator Bevacizumab was first sold under the brand name Avastin(R) by Genentech - a member of the Roche Group. First approved in the United States in 2004 and in the European Union in 2005, Bevacizumab is now used to treat different types of cancers and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) particularly for the choroidal neovascular membrane in AMD.

Today, there are over 20 biosimilars of Bevacizumab in the market as shown in the list below.

  1. Avegra Biocad (Russia)

  2. Mvasi Amgen/Allergan

  3. Zirabev Pfizer

  4. Equidacent AstraZeneca/Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin / Centus Biotherapeutics

  5. MYL-1402O Mylan/Biocon

  6. Aybintio Samsung Bioepis

  7. Onbevzi Samsung Bioepis

  8. BAT-1706 Bio-Thera Solutions

  9. Krabeva Biocon

  10. Byvasda Innovent Biologics

  11. Bevax Elea (Argentina - Metastatic Colorectal Cancer)

  12. Lumiere Elea (Argentina - Macular degeneration Opthalmology)

  13. Bryxta Zydus

  14. Bevatas Intas

  15. Cizumab Hetero Pharma

  16. Versavo Dr. Reddy's

  17. Bevacirel Reliance Life Sciences

  18. BCD500 Biocnd (South Korea)

  19. Bevaro Cadila Pharmaceuticals

  20. HLX04 Shanghai Henlius (China)

  21. Cipla Biotech

Dosing requirement for Bevacizumab based on the therapeutic indication in the case of cancers range between 5mg/kg to 10mg/kg. Variable weight based dosage is an important factor in determining whether a biologic can be delivered SubQ or not.

In the case of Bevacizumab, Qprotyn using its HILOPRO technology for viscosity-reduction has been able to formulate a high-concentration, low-viscosity solution of Bevacizumab.

250mg/mL with a syringeable viscosity of 14 cP can open a world of possibilities for Bevacizumab biosimilars.

Qprotyn is a Delaware biotech corporation that is bringing to market a patented viscosity-reduction, formulation platform called HILOPRO.

HILOPRO enables high-dose, large molecule monoclonal antibodies to move from IV administration to subcutaneous (SubQ) injection.

Using only two GRAS excipients, HILOPRO delivers low-volume formulations with concentrations greater than 225mg/mL while maintaining a viscosity less than 20 cP.

Naturally, this introduces tremendous patient benefits in terms of comfort and convenience and enables innovator and biosimilar mAbs to enhance their marketability.

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