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Our Story

Safe. Simple. SubQ.

Historically, one strong market leader has dominated the field of subcutaneous injection of high dosage, large molecule proteins.  Today, both new market entrants and alternative technological approaches are changing the market.  Emerging competition is creating downward pricing pressure on the licensing cost.

We at Qprotyn imagine a world where mAbs are administered subcutaneously from home.  

Both, the patient and caregiver would roundly applaud that transformation.

With our partners, we look into the future and at the opportunity presented by scientific innovations, to help biologics move from IV to SubQ and inject new life into patients, products and pipelines.

The Qprotyn Team


Lynn Hartung

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Dr. Viren Sarin.jpg

Dr. Viren Sarin, PhD

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Chief Science Officer

Janak Vadgama.jpg

Janak Vadgama, MSc

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Head of Business Development and Customer Experience

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