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Upgrade your mAb from
IV to SubQ

2cc subcutaneous injection delivering 500mg of mAb is now within reach.

We are currently in discussions with biopharmaceutical innovators and biosimilars partners to license our

HILOPRO® viscosity-reduction technology.

We are aggressively pricing our solution right now to reach our first human dose using the HILOPRO® technology and encourage you to take the opportunity to let us demonstrate how our simple and safe solution to SubQ fits in your monoclonal antibody pipeline. Email us at

Simple and

HILOPRO® technology integrates simply in your manufacturing process and our GRAS excipients which are used in small quantities are safe for patients.

Desired Concentration and  Viscosity.

HILOPRO® technology allows for multiple formulations at varying viscosities and concentrations to support a variety of dosage delivery methods. 

Low-viscosity, low-volume dosing opens entirely new delivery possibilities.

Platform Technology.

Our technology is applicable across a wide range of biologics and we can efficiently convert your biologics pipeline from IV to SubQ at a relatively low cost.


Ideal for companies with a large number of mAbs.

Improved Patient 

Low volume – high concentration biologics that can be delivered subcutaneously, significantly reduce costs, administration times and safety concerns.


SubQ delivery is generally  preferred by patients over IV delivery.

Proof of concept for your mAb in
8 Weeks !

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